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Gather initial requirements from clients.Strengths and weaknesses from the requirements are discussed. Suggestions for enhancements.

Design & Development

The best look and feel of a website or an application is one which is well written and documented. A language/technology is chosen based on how easy it is to maintain.


Sample mockup design / template/ psudocode developed. Test layout is sent to clients. Further changes if required are made. Final look and feel is developed.

SEO & Maintainence

Every website to have good business and growth should have proper SEO optimization. If SEO is required white-hat SEO is followed. Ongoing Maintenance If and when required.

Masters’ graduate in Computer Science with 8 years’ experience as a Java and PHP developer. Ennowation is my digital space that inspires me to innovate, design and create responsive websites for clients around the world. Working as a Freelance full-stack developer has given me the scope to explore my creative capabilities, learn new technologies, expand on my project management skills, and interact with a diverse network of clients.

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SPA frameworks

Our Clients

Douglas Aerospace


Douglas Aerospace is based in Sydney - Australia.

Douglas Aerospace is into painting, refurbishment and maintainence of Aircrafts.

Work done for Douglas Aerospace

  • Worked on multiple mockups/ UI /UX experiences for the website.
  • Involved in high-level meetings with the CEO when the website and company
  • profile was displayed in the Australian Airshow.
  • Worked extensively to get the website SEO optimized.
  • Provide technical advice and feedback communication with higher ups.
  • Managed day-to-day updates on the website and also on the domain whenever required.
  • Designed and developed an e-brochure for the company.

Andorra Holidays


Andorra-holidays is small business who are located in Andorra - Europe

Andorra-holidays provide various ski-packages to their customers.

Work done for Andorra-Holidays

  • Custom design of the homepage and other subsequent pages.
  • Modified/upgraded the ski-booking web application.
  • Involved in Root Cause Analysis on important bugs.
  • Fixed new JS bugs that came up when adding new categories for UI on Admin site
  • UI and JS fixes for “last-date/time” as to by when a customer could book.
  • Fixed bugs for modal windows – jQuery reveal plugin.
  • Fixed bugs at the POS (Point of sale).
  • Complex Front-end & backend (admin) JS fixes for with category and date when the ski- package was purchased.
  • Developed a customized backend web application for admin.
  • Worked on white hat SEO techniques to get better organic ranking.
  • Realized 30% growth with the white hat SEO optimization.
  • Responsible for updates and UI changes when required.
  • As a team leader – managed 2 other offshore freelancers.

Vision Eye Studios


Vision Eye Photography. Vision Eye studios/photography is a small group of enthuistic people who create & capture beautiful memories for their clients.

Work done for Vision Eye Studios

  • Website domain administration.
  • Gathering requirements and enhancing the website to a better look and feel.
  • Developed web site using WordPress, HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Working on a new prototype website with parallax effects. *
  • Working on a customized back-end for the client.*

Premier Hospitals


Premier Hospitals is a leading health provider in Hyderabad - Telangana - India.

Work done for Premier Hospitals.

  • Worked on a customized website for the hospital.
  • Worked as a technical consultant for the appointment mangement system.
  • Worked on a internal website for Doctors, billing management deparments.

Aerospace Surface Coatings


Aerospace Surface Coatings is your proud distributor of Sherwin Williams aerospace products to Australia, New Zealand and South pacific Islands. SKYscapes aerospace paint system is the revolutionary new basecoat-clearcoat aircraft paint technology from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace. This video provides you with all the unique benefits that SKYscapes offers.

Work done for Aerospace Surface Coatings

  • Working on a new design for the website.*
  • Involved during the specifications phase of the website.
  • Worked from ground-up on the website using WordPress, WordPress customization, plugins, sliders, forms.
  • Managed day-to-day updates whenever required.
  • Extensive root-cause-analysis on the website logs to view and block the ip addresses responsible when the website was hacked.
  • Worked on getting the website SEO optimized.


  • Douglas Aerospace

    Srinivas has the capacity to respond quickly, monitor the web side of things, and do basically any necessary web development work. He has played an integral role with regard to the constant updates and changes made to both our websites. I would highly recommend him to other businesses, as he has added immense value to our business.

    - Claire Clarke, Managing Director - Douglas Aerospace & Aerospace Surface Coatings

  • Andorra Holidays

    Sunny's (Srinivas) responsibilities included re-designing the website pages including the homepage, updating the online booking system, fixing high priority production bugs, designing new pages, SEO optimizing the website, Keyword research and analysis. I’m looking forward to further developing the site with Sunny.

    - Simon Binsted, CEO - Andorra-Holidays

  • Premier Hospitals

    I've worked with Srinivas for more than 3 years and have found him to be a team player who is dedicated to get the job done. In addition, he brings with him sincerely and hard work. With his front end and back end skills combination, he is an asset to any organization

    - Dr. Mahesh Marda - Managing Director, Premier Hospitals

  • Lexington Computers' LLC

    Pleased to have worked with Srinivas. He brings a lot of insight, high techical skills and a 'can-do' attitude.He has never once let us down, moreover has far exceeded our expectations many times. I am glad to have chosen Srinivas to work for us.

    - Jason Bunch - Managing Director, Lexington Computers' LLC

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